Resize LVM

1. Resize LV:

– Add more space to a LV

lvextend -L +250 /dev/fileserver/share

lvextend -L 25000 /dev/fileserver/share

– Reduce space from a LV

lvreduce -L -250 /dev/fileserver/share

lvreduce -L 15000 /dev/fileserver/share

2. Resize VG:

– Add a PV to a VG:

vgextend fileserver /dev/sdd1

– Remove a PV from VG:

vgreduce fileserver /dev/sdb1

Can remove only when that PV is not in use. If it’s in use, this command will move all data on that PV to another one then remove it from the VG:

pvmove /dev/sdb1

It can move only when there’re enough space to store data from the removed PV.

P.S: Posted from classroom, no Unikey so wrote in English.

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