My first PowerBI dashboard

My intention is creating a dashboard to monitor unencrypted PCs in my responsible area. Normally I will go to the IT reporter page and download an excel sheet for that KPO, then I’ll use some analytics functions in Excel to make a customized report such as number of unencrypted PCs per country, per site etc. With my first approach to PowerBI, I try to make a nice dashboard connecting directly to the IT reporter database which is refreshed daily. Here are summary of what I did:


Download Power BI Desktop :

About the license:

  • Power BI Desktop is freely available on the link mentioned.
  • License is required for Power BI Service. Power BI Service is a cloud platform where you can share your reports (developed in Power BI Desktop) with your colleagues.
  • For sharing you need Pro License. But as I am a newbie to Power BI, I just simply freely sign up for Pro Trial which is available for 60 days. Link for signing up for Pro Trial license is :
  • Once you sign up on the mentioned link you can then avail the trial license for 60 days: Go to Power BI Service sign up page then click “Start Free

Making the Dashboard

It’s just simple:

  • Connect to the IT reporter SQL Database.
  • I tried to connect to a quite simple DB, there’s only 1 table.
  • I used the built-in graphs in PBI to make dashboard: Column chart to see each country value and Slicers for country, day/month filters.


  • Line chart to view the histogram of each country, Slicer as a country filter.


  • In this line chart, I used DAX to create an additional column “Month Date”, very simple formula to combine the Date and Month into 1 value.



  • I also created nice pie charts for each product line and group percentage.
  • Then I published the dashboards into online workspace, and I also added it into MS Teams workspace as a tab.
  • Now everyday I can open the PBI dashboard, refresh data and watch the latest dashboards. Very nice tool.

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