Conducting 1st Security training class

Actually I didn’t conducted on my own, but together with another Security guy. This is a 4 days class, 3 hours a day, which provides Information Security knowledge for mostly non-IT persons (over 90% class population). The purpose of this class is training a team who will be in charge of information security for each locations. It sounds strange if non-IT guys take care of this thing but the fact is, information security relates only 10% to technology, it’s 90% about people and process. And another fact, IT guys often take information security for granted, sad but true, so that team can take an eye on IT guys as well, to ensure the corporate information assets are secured all the time.

This class marks some first times of mine:

  • First IT security class. I did many security awareness sessions before, but not a complete class. Those were just short ones, 1 or 2 hours maximum. This is the first multiple-days class.
  • First time teach a long class in English. It’s interesting, I can feel myself speaking more and more fluently.
  • First crowded class. When I taught for NIIT Vung Tau last time, there were maximum 20 students in my class. This class has 38 students across many Asia countries.

It’s such a good experience to have 4 days focusing, talking only about IT security.

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