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Recently I developed a simple PowerApps app to help me in listing the disposal IT devices in my store. Some notes about this app:

  • Using barcode reader to scan the devices to get the corporate asset ID
  • I have a simple information database of all the devices in my locations – an Excel file
  • Using Lookup function to get the field I want from the database, which matches with the asset ID, e.g: I want to have the Asset Serial Number: LookUp(VNITAsset; AssetTag = DataCardValue4.Text; SerialNumber). DataCardValue4.Text is the Asset ID field, which is fed with the Barcode reader input.
  • After getting all the required information, use Submit button to record the information into my disposal list, which is stored on a Sharepoint page.

Simple but it helps me a lot.

Demo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWhvdR9Kun8

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