PowerApps Hackathon

I registered for my TMV team to join the PowerApps Hackathon contest on 18-19 June 2019. Our app named Customer X-Ray. Some information about the app:

Problem Description

Currently it is very difficult (especially for Sales community) to check the real-time status of our clients (current credit limit, applicable payment terms and open/ overdue balance). This is an information that Sales community does not have access to or it takes time to obtain it. Management and Sales are actually blindsided when they are visiting a customer and discussing/ negotiating an opportunity or contract because they don’t have this useful an critical information on hand which can make the difference in the negotiation process.

Why do you think the app will solve the problem?

The proposed solution is to have a mobile app developed. The Sales community (and anyone else in need) can install the app on their mobile and with one click they can get the full picture of the client that they are visiting or negotiating with.

They can instantly see their current assessment (credit limit and payment terms), current open balance, outstanding balance and remaining credit not consumed.

The data can be directly fed from Sales system which is updating daily.

The app will deliver notifications to the user’s mobile when a client in their portfolio has breached the credit limit ceiling, when the credit limit for a client has been upgraded or downgraded, when different payment terms have been applied.

Our job is creating a mock-up version, which connects to Sharepoint list for database. We designed it with a Wireframe diagram, which showed the app screens and how they work. We even make the app send push notification when there’s update on database. Finally, we completed the app in the hackathon timeline, sent the demonstration video to the judge team, and we’re happy with it, even though we didn’t win any prize. I’m the one who design and mainly developed, so I learnt a lot after the contest.

Some Screenshots:

Demo video

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