Enhanced IT Disposal app

I created my first PowerApps in this post, to help me in building IT disposal assets list. It’s a very simple app with very basic PowerApps functions.

Then in this Jul I joined the PowerApps Hackathon contest organized by the company. I built an app to provide customer details for the Sales team while they’re traveling to customer meetings. Even though I didn’t have any prize in this contest, I learnt a lot in PowerApps, from designing to development. After the contest, I applied what I’ve learnt to enhance my IT disposal app, with new updates:

  • New appearance theme
  • Revise source code, apply naming convention
  • New features:
    • Select Country and Site
    • Build and manage Disposal list for many sites. This is helpful for IT persons who manage many sites. I applied what I learnt about using Collections in this function, it worked very well.
    • Send Email with the list of items in the selected site.
    • Help screen

Some screenshots:

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